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Torque MMORPG Kit is now open source and available from this page.

If you require the source code for the client you will be required to identify yourself as a Torque license holder.

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All of the downloads below require the development files to operate.

Development Files Edit

Development Files

TGE 1.52 - Kit Version 1.3 SP3 Test Edit

Full Version

Patch Files for TGE 1.52 with AFX

TGEA 1.7.1 - Kit Version 1.3 SP3 Edit

Full Version

Patch Files for TGE 1.7.1 with AFX

TGEA 1.7.1 - Latest Patch Files

Older Versions = Edit

TGE 1.52-Alpha

TGEA 1.8 and T3D kit Edit

This site is not dedicated to the T3D kit but if you are interested please contact Xerxes from the Repopulation project at